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The Higher Hedonism: A Rivendell Retreat

The Higher Hedonism: A Rivendell Retreat

Wednesday 20 December 2023 – Wednesday 27 December 2023 at Rivendell Retreat Centre

The Higher Hedonism:
Midwinter Meditation Intensive
Wednesday 20th to Wednesday 27th December 

At Rivendell Retreat Centre

Buddhism is often presented as a teaching about suffering. But right at the heart of the Buddhist path is a very different kind of message: a message about the vital importance of pleasure.

The Buddha taught that if we want to live free from craving, distraction and sticky attachment, we need to develop a wellspring of pleasure, happiness and bliss within ourselves. Again and again, he emphasised the importance of learning to dwell in the dhyanas, otherworldly states of peace, rapture and beauty.

The Buddha's insistence on bliss points towards the possibility of a higher hedonism. Through meditation, we can leave behind unfulfilling pleasures in favour of ever more refined forms of happiness. Eventually, we can develop the confidence and clarity to move beyond craving altogether, into the Great Bliss of awakening.

At a time of year when it's especially easy to get lost in meaningless pleasure, join us for a week of intensive meditation, and walk the path of the higher hedonism. This retreat is particularly suitable for those who struggle to find pleasure and enjoyment in meditation! We'll be on retreat with people from other centres and groups in the southeast, so its also a great way to build connections between local sanghas.

Suitable for those who have been meditating for at least six months. We will be meditating for 5-6 hours daily, with several days in complete silence.

This retreat is priced at £275 per person and includes accommodation (in simple shared rooms), good vegan food, and all the teaching. If this is too much, please do get in touch with us - we have a few bursary places available. We don't want lack of money to prevent anyone coming on retreat. Please note, the price includes a £75 non-refundable deposit. Please book here.

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