Women+ Mornings

Women+ Mornings


We meet bi-monthly at Sholden Hall and all the women in the Sangha are welcome to join our morning of practice. 

This is a friendly, welcoming space where we explore different themes through meditation, talks, creativity and personal sharing. 

Our dates for 2023:

February 12th

April 9th

June 11th

August 13th

October 8th

December 10th


Join us next time!

Dear women of the sangha,

Sunday 12 February 10-1pm @Sholden Hall

We would like to invite you to our next women’s morning with the theme "The Wisdom of Accepting Ourselves”. So often there is an expectation that we should look a certain way and this can undermine our confidence and our sense of who we are.

Images like the one attached have been unearthed in Europe and as far away as Siberia. They are tiny figurines and were made over 26,000 years ago. There are many interpretations of why they were made but one is that they were an expression of the beauty of the older mature female form.

Do come and join us where there will be an opportunity to shape your own clay figurine and share the wisdom of accepting and loving ourselves as who we are. We will also meditate together and drink tea.

With love from the Team

Where to Find Us

We meet at Sholden Village Hall.