Retreats beyond the East Kent Sangha

Retreats beyond the East Kent Sangha

All year round.

There are many retreat centres dotted around the UK if you are interested in experiencing a retreat outside of the East Kent Sangha. (Click on the individual Retreat Centre names below to be directed to each website).

Adhistana is an International Buddhist Centre in Herefordshire, England and forms the heart of the global Buddhist community of Triratna. It was the last home of its founder and is where he is buried, as well as being a retreat centre, meeting space and home to two communities of Buddhists. It also houses the library of his books and an exhibition space dedicated to his memory.

Rivendell has been successfully established as a Buddhist Retreat Centre for nearly 40 years. Situated on the edge of a small East Sussex village, the retreat centre itself is housed in a former Victorian rectory. Surrounding the house is a lovely garden, beyond which lie fields and woodland. 

Rivendell is a place where we cherish the Buddha's teaching and values, exploring its potent message for our lives today. A retreat here provides the opportunity to come together as a community, to engage with ourselves at a deeper level where we can encounter challenging ways to transform our inner and outer lives.

Tiratanaloka is a Buddhist Retreat Centre for women in Brecon Powys, Wales. It is a community of 8 Dharmacharinis (order members) living together, running retreats and taking care of our retreat centre. As the Tiratanaloka Ordination team we offer a training for ordination. This training has two aspects: getting to know and understand the Order, which is based on Sangharakshita’s vision, and deepening one’s practice to the point at which it becomes effective.

Padmaloka is a Buddhist Retreat Centre for men in Norwich. For over 40 years Padmaloka has stood at the heart of the men’s wing of the Triratna Buddhist Order. At the heart of Padmaloka itself, informing everything we do here, are the Three Jewels: the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Above all, Padmaloka exists to support and inspire men to deepen their Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels. Padmaloka is more than just a retreat centre, it is, in essence, a Buddhist seminary, a semi-monastic religious community of men striving to place the Buddha's teachings at the heart of their lives and helping others to do the same. All who come here join the Padmaloka community in an ongoing exploration of the great treasury of Buddhist tradition, as elucidated by Urgyen Sangharakshita, working out its relevance to our lives today.

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(Please note - these descriptions have been taken from ‘About Us’ on each respective website).