Sangha Retreat September 2024: The World Beyond The Ones We Know

Sangha Retreat September 2024: The World Beyond The Ones We Know

Saturday 14 September – Sunday 15 September

(We had hoped to go to Adhisthana but this is no longer feasible)

The World Beyond the Ones We Know.

Danapriya and Vanaraji will lead us in this expansive theme.

We know what we know.
Until we experience beyond what we know.
We can only experience more by having an open mind.
This means we know that we don’t know everything.

We all have views which come from our past experience, and we
can stay limited by these views - or we can keep expanding into
other worlds, other ways of seeing things, a larger perspective.

Often when I am reading the Dharma, I can have: ‘Ah Hah’ moments -
I understand something I didn’t before. Or when I am in group study, and I
think about the theme in one way, then others explain that they see
it differently, and my perspective grows…

We will explore this area and much more beyond our limited

The retreat is for 2 days; Saturday 14th September 10AM - 5PM, and
Sunday 15th September 10AM - 4PM at Sholden Village Hall, with a Puja on the beach on Saturday evening, (weather permitting).

Hopefully people travelling from Canterbury and Margate will be
able to stay overnight - Prajnasisya and David have some spare
rooms and a garden to camp in. Other sangha members can also
offer accommodation.

(Please do contact Prajnasisya at: for more information on accommodation).

Suggested cost for the 2 days is: 

£75 (Full) 

£55 (Low Waged) 

£35 (Unwaged)

Please note, our retreat price will include a vegan sausage and chips meal on the Saturday evening, however we ask people to bring food for shared lunches on the Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes. Thank You.


Please contact Prajnasisya at: to book your space and please transfer monies to:

Triratna East Kent Buddhist Group

Account Number: 21391513

Sort Code: 16-58-10

Reference: (Please use your name, followed by ‘Retreat’, eg, ASmith Retreat)

When you have done this it is essential that you email Prajnasisya at as Prajnasisya is managing the bookings. 

Thank You.

The Team