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Mitra Ceremonies for Aaryn & Isles

Mitra Ceremonies for Aaryn & Isles

Thursday 18 April 2024 7pm – 9pm

Mitra Ceremonies for Aaryn & Isles

We will be having Mitra Ceremonies on 18th April in Margate and it would be lovely if you could join us. We will be meeting at St John's Hall at 7pm. If you wish, please bring a card and small gift for Aaryn & Isles.

It’s a very moving ceremony when people make this commitment to take their practice deeper. Aaryn and Isles are a part of the East Kent Sangha, and you can find out a bit more about them as follows:

Aaryn Vaughan, Margate, Kent 

I first discovered Buddhism through the London Buddhist Centre 8 years ago. Struggling with the intensity of my final year of Uni and the uncertainty of staying in the UK, I turned to meditation to help with stress and sleep.

However, I was particularly struck by the teachers and other Buddhists at the LBC.

Although raised an atheist, I've always felt a spiritual affinity with nature from my upbringing in Vermont and a sense of 'magic' in the air. Despite these inklings, it took leaving London and a shift in my life circumstances to realise that Buddhism had become a guiding force in my life.

Today, meditation, the dharma, and the sangha are integral parts of my life - both its challenges and joys. Hesitant for many years, it finally felt natural to commit to becoming a Mitra - a path I see to becoming a more expansive and fulfilled version of myself, capable of being a bigger person, partner, daughter and friend, and hopefully a source of happiness to others. 


What is a Mitra?

Mitra means Friend. The three requisites of becoming a Mitra are that you feel you are a Buddhist, you are trying to practise the five Precepts and that you feel that the Triratna Buddhist Community is the main context in which you want to deepen your practice.

If taking this step in becoming a Mitra would interest you, please contact Prajnasisya (

With warm wishes,

Prajnasisya & the Team.